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CURED – Dominant

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Cures in 1-2 seconds
Ideal humidity 45-70%
Volume and Classic applications
Thick Viscosity
Bonds up to 7 weeks

This bad boy is the adhesive you want to experiment with in college but may not want to bring home to mom. It is a glue you will definitely be gloating to your friends about; the different applications and positions you tried with it, how quickly you were able to reach your climax (of glue curing) and especially how THICK it is. But keep in mind that not everyone can handle its fumes and extreme retention. It will bond to just about anything (even your room mate or sister) so make sure you know what you are signing up for.  This adhesive is STRONG and has a lot to brag about.  With Cured – Dominant, retention is definitely its greatest asset.  It mounts the lash and makes sure you reach an epic climax (to your lash service) in 1-2 seconds. For 7 weeks you can expect its bond to be RELENTLESS so make sure you want it to stay around for the length of your lash cycle.


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218 in stock