What are we about?

We offer premium lash extension products so that these supplies may support you in the pursuit of your creative lash art. We worry about the product details so you can focus on what really matters  – your clients and your gift. The materials used to make our supplies are taken from the best sources possible.  Every product that we sell has been hand tested by members of our team to make sure that it meets our high standard of quality.  If it doesn’t line up with our values – we don’t pass it to our loyal clients….PERIOD. 

Our brand is BOLD and FUN.  We keep things light and try not to take ourselves too seriously. We are serious, however, about the impact we leave on the environment. We employ innovative packaging options that are recyclable. We sell only ‘cruelty free’ products and our organic skin products don’t have GMO’s or parabens.  When you experience a First and Lashed box opening – rest assured that our tissue and boxes are made from 100% recycled material.

We are innovative and ever changing!  We strive to develop new products that will help you create the best lash experience for your clients.  We promote a culture of team cooperation at First and Lashed;  and with that comes a collection of like minded artists who LIVE to create and serve.