Mink Lashes

Our lash extensions are hand crafted from premium PBT fibres and presented in a semi-matt black finish. Each lash is delicately applied by hand to our trays and all descriptions for diameter, length and curl are recorded! How many times have you removed a line of lashes only to lose track of the thickness on your pallets days later? We specially mark the curl, diameter and length on every line so this will never slow you down again. This is why we don’t have those little sticker dots on the outside of our lash trays – the stickers don’t help at all once the line of lashes has been removed from the tray! Our lashes are guaranteed not to lose their curl and won’t fade into a dull blue overtime like so many other lash extension brands. You can rest assured knowing that the lashes that you apply to your clients will be as sophisticated as you are.