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CURED – Canadian

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Cures in 0.5-1 second
Works well in low humidity
Volume and Classic Applications
Thin viscosity
Bonds up to 6 weeks

This adhesive gets attached to you very quickly – even in the low humidity winter months.  When the Canadian winter is long it.  Even with humidity levels between 20-40% you can expect it to bond to your lashes at the cold hockey arena, a warm Tim Hortons  or even by a dry outdoor bonfire. With Cured Canadian – it is THIRSTY for wetness wherever it can find it. This adhesive will ski its way onto your lashes, and hold onto you tightly for 6 weeks.  This is an DILIGENT adhesive that never lets you down.  Your mom will love it and your friends will be so envious  that you finally found the right adhesive.  It always makes sure that you finish first – regardless of humidity levels. It may be LEAN but it delivers every time. It guarantees you will reach your curing climax in under 1 second.


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137 in stock